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Green Building & Sustainable Strategies is proud to recognize the work of New England Energy Consultants in their commitment to helping homeowners and commercial property owners see if qualify for solar panel installation on their homes and businesses. Going solar is one of the most effective ways of reducing your energy consumption and your overall carbon footprint, and New England Energy Consultants wants all property owners to understand the benefits of solar and see if they qualify for solar power installation at their home or office.

Why Go Solar

Your cost savings is just one reason to consider going solar at home or at a commercial facility you own or manage. The impact of choosing solar power over electricity and other forms of power are tremendously important to environmental conservation.

One reason for this is that electricity itself is a clean form of energy, but power plants often generate tremendous amounts of pollution to create that electricity! The process of solar power collection and inversion creates no carbon emissions and no pollution. Commercial and residential solar power uses no fossil fuels and has no risk of creating a fire hazard in the home.

Note, too, that power plants used to generate electricity take up space and require oversight and administration. The space used by those buildings could otherwise hold healthy vegetation and trees, and personnel needing to travel to power plants means even more carbon emissions from vehicles, trains, and other means of transportation!

Residential and commercial solar panels, on the other hand, sit securely on a roof or are attached to freestanding panels placed on a property. Solar panels for a roof or yard require little to no maintenance or repairs and aren’t likely to interfere with a structure’s heating and cooling or its exterior landscaping and lawn.

About New England Energy Consultants

One reason we at Green Building & Sustainable Strategies are showcasing New England Energy Consultants is that they are not a solar panel sales company! New England Energy Consultants is simply dedicated to helping as many homeowners and commercial proper owners choose solar power as possible, and ensuring property owners understand all the solar power rebates and solar financial incentives available to them. This is why they partnered up with LeadsForward, a company that provides solar lead generation so that New England Energy Consultants can provide their services to as many qualified homeowners as possible.

New England Energy Consultants offers a free solar consultation to homeowners and business owners, including a property and roof inspection and review of one’s energy consumption and costs. The team at New England Energy Consultants will then work diligently to find all federal and state rebates and other tax and financial incentives for which you might be eligible.

There is no cost for an energy evaluation by the pros at New England Energy Consultants. There are also no high-pressure sales tactics since they’re not a solar company! New England Energy Consultants simply has a passion for educating consumers about their choices when it comes to commercial solar panels and residential solar power systems, and how going solar can benefit you and the environment as well.

New England Energy Consultants
460 Harris Ave #301
(401) 287-0404

Our Green Built Brand

Green Building & Sustainable Strategies is proud to recognize the work of New England Energy Consultants in educating the public about solar power and its amazing benefits for them and the environment. We’re also proud to showcase them as one of our Green Built Brand award recipients, so they can proudly show off our badge to others!

At Green Building & Sustainable Strategies, we hope to see more energy consultant companies follow the lead of New England Energy Consultants and work to educate others about their clean energy options. Doing so will only mean a cleaner environment around the world.

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