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Green Building & Sustainable Strategies is proud to showcase Fort Collins Roofing Company as one of our recent Green Built Brand badge recipients! Fort Collins Roofing Company is one of the highest-rated northern Colorado roofing companies for a variety of reasons, and we’re proud to showcase their work and their commitment to quality and environmental conservation.

About Fort Collins Roofing Company

One reason that Fort Collins Roofing Company stands out from other roofing contractors in Fort Collins, CO, is that they’re dedicated to customer service and know that a customer’s satisfaction is job one. Fort Collins Roofing Company prides themselves on their rapid response times for emergency roof repairs in Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

Fort Collins Roofing Company also specializes in hail damage in Fort Collins, ensuring prompt and efficient repairs as quickly as possible. They work with all major insurance companies, handling the paperwork for their customers so the entire process of Fort Collins roof repair is as stress-free as possible. Whatever needs to be done, the entire crew at Fort Collins Roofing Company is dedicated to teamwork and customer satisfaction.

Fort Collins Roofing Company
215 Jefferson St Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 825-0130

Roof Installations and Energy Conservation

Homeowners and business owners often fail to realize that new roof installations in Fort Collins, CO, is an excellent way to conserve energy and reduce pollution. A structure’s roof is an essential part of its overall insulating properties, keeping in your heating and cooling while keeping out excessive humidity and cold winter air.

A full roof replacement of a Fort Collins home or business also protects a structure from water leaks and resultant mold growth. Water leaks also lead to damage of interior drywall, insulation, wood framing, carpeting and underlying padding, and basement walls and floors. Repairing this damage means the use of natural resources for manufacturing new materials whereas a quality roof repair in Fort Collins by the pros at Fort Collins Roofing Company avoids that damage in the first place!

Roof Repair in Fort Collins and Your Property

A new roof installation for a Fort Collins home or commercial property protects it from damage and creates a comfortable interior environment, while offering many benefits outside that structure as well! Older roofs detract from a property’s appearance and especially if they’re covered in soot stains or water stains, and if shingles are curled, torn, or outright missing.

Older asphalt shingles also tend to shed their protective granules which then wind up in gutters and along the landscaping close to your home or commercial structure. These granules might clog gutters and lead to overflows and more water damage outside that building, while also choking or otherwise hurting your beautiful landscaping features! Loose granules also get washed away during a rainstorm or when you water your property, winding up in nearby water sources or getting absorbed into the soil.

A Fort Collins Roof Installation Is Not a DIY Job!

Homeowners today are trying to handle as many renovation and repair jobs as possible, to save money and get the job done as quickly as possible. However, tool rentals from a nearby hardware store and online videos cannot take the place of professional roof replacement in Fort Collins. Proper roof repairs of a Fort Collins home require expertise and experience as well as skills one can only learn while on the job.

Professional roofing contractors in Fort Collins ensure that a residential or commercial roof replacement is done right, reducing the risk of future holes, cracks, water leaks, lost shingles, bent or damaged flashing, and other issues due to poor-quality workmanship. A professional roof replacement by the pros at Fort Collins Roofing Company keeps a structure’s interior insulated properly, reducing energy consumption and that structure’s carbon footprint.

Our Green Built Brand

Green Building & Sustainable Strategies is proud to recognize Fort Collins Roofing Company as a Green Built Brand, due to their commitment to excellence in the roofing industry. Everyone at Fort Collins Roofing Company is dedicated to ensuring every property receives the same meticulous attention to detail and is installed and repaired to the highest standards of excellence, providing a well-insulated interior and beautiful exterior as well. Renovation waste is kept to a minimum and all properties cleaned thoroughly after project completion.

We hope other roofing companies in Fort Collins and around the world follow their lead in ensuring that their work stands the test of time and provides the most protection for a structure. Quality roofs mean less energy consumption and less impact of a building on the environment, so we’re happy to showcase the work of Fort Collins Roofing Company and their dedication to excellence, the environment, and green building practices.

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